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About Us

We want you to reach your full potential.

Trust your intuition and success will follow

Neomi Rhyne

Nurtured Careers and consulting is a careers and consulting business providing support to individuals and businesses to enable them to achieve the best results with regards to elevating their self-actualisation and making an informed decision in their business.


You can rely on Nurtured Careers & Consulting’s experience, integrity, and consistency in the Human Resources market. We aim to support individuals in their journey to gain employment, settle into roles and build a steady career that they may otherwise struggle to pursue.


We also provide support and advice to individuals and organisations on any employee relations matters.

Nurtured Careers and consulting was founded due to a huge passion for supporting businesses in resolving complex employee relations matters whilst ensuring the best outcomes are attained in line with legislation and best practice. 


We also love to mentor candidates who are seeking employment and looking to make their way into a career either in Human Resources or any other field, especially people from an ethnic minority background.   


This is based on our lived experiences as an individual from an ethnic minority background having had the opportunity to work in some highly placed organisations within the UK and being able to navigate the barriers with regards to building a career as an individual who is from an ethnic minority background.

We look forward to working with you soon. 

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